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It's time to take action! To make an impact, navigate to one of our five tabs:

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  5. UNICEF UM's 2023/24 Advocacy Priorities (Coming Soon!)

our work

We donate to UNICEF Child Protection initiatives that prevent and respond to violence against children, such as exploitation, trafficking, child labor, and more. 

"UNICEF strives to create a world where every child grows up free from fear, exploitation, and harm." 

We support children's right to survive and thrive by educating our peers and communities about the burdens that children face both nationally and globally. 

"UNICEF will continue to provide vulnerable children around the world with the support and services they need to reach their full potential."

We raise funds in response to UNICEF's Emergency and Disaster Relief efforts in order to protect the world's most vulnerable children. 

"Every year, UNICEF responds to approximately 300 humanitarian situations, from conflicts to natural disasters."

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