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I don't go to UMich but I want to make an impact while working on behalf of UNICEF USA.  What should I do?

There are so many ways for you to advance UNICEF USA's mission:

  1. Use and reference our website to learn how you can take action independent of UNICEF and UNICEF USA affiliations.  We share information about events, campaigns, advocacy swarms, social events, fundraising projects, outreach, and community mobilization.

  2. Follow UNICEF at Michigan, UNICEF Clubs, UNICEF USA, and UNICEF on social media platforms.  Look for events, campaigns, webinars, elections, volunteer politicians, interns, and more.

  3. If you are in high school or attend an accredited university, look into establishing a campus initiative. Click the button below to learn more.

  4. Reach out and ask questions!  UNICEF at the University of Michigan is always looking to collaborate with other schools and campus leaders, and assist change-makers across the country.  We are more than happy to help with resources, meeting plans, and taking action. 

  5. Encourage friends, neighbors, roommates, parents, professors, classmates, and anyone else you interact with to take charge!

Option 1: Make a Phone Call

Step 1

Find your House Representatives here and your Senators here.  

Step 4

Write out a short script.  See quick examples below or click here for an extra resource.

Step 2

Get their contact information and input it into your phone’s contacts for easy access (phone number and email).

Step 5

Call!  If you'd rather leave a voicemail, you can call after the office closes.  A voicemail  as short as 10 seconds will make an impact.

Step 3

Research a policy proposal that you are passionate about like those found on UNICEF’s Action Page

Step 6

Done! Repeat this small act once a week. Encourage your family and friends to follow suit.


1. Hello, 

My name is [name] and a constituent in [Your State’s ##] District.  I am a supporter of UNICEF USA and urge you to co-sponsor [Name of legislation]. Feel free to call me back with any questions at (###) ###-####.  Thanks!


 2. Hello, 

My name is [name name] and I am a supporter of UNICEF. I would like you to support[Name of legislation].  



I am a UNICEF supporter.  Please protect the [type of funding/bill/relief effort.] 

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Option 2: Email or Send a Letter

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