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Social Committee Feature

Social Chair: Ana Pislaru

Committee Members: Michael Huaca, Ameer Khilfeh, & Jack Murphy

Below are all of the events the Social Committee held/will hold this Fall semester. We had such a fun time putting the events together, and we hope you could attend a few of them. Be on the lookout for Winter 2023 Social Events!

-September 9th’s Ice Cream Social

This event was the first social of the year, and it took place at South University Park. This was a great place for E-Board members, prospective committee members, and general members to get to know each other better and see the inner workings of UNICEF-UM. We hope to host a similar networking event at the start of the Winter Semester!

-October 7th’s Frisbee Social

Our second social event of the semester was held at the Arb, where UNICEF members gathered at the gates and on the field for our Frisbee Social. It was a perfect time to appreciate nature, play catch, and enjoy the company of other members. What other way to get to know each other better than some good old Ultimate Frisbee!

-November 4th’s Corn Maze Social

In our fall-themed social event, UNICEF members carpooled to Blast Corn Maze in Dexter. We got to find our way through the corn maze together and also watched the sunset. We then enjoyed tasty donuts and apple cider slushies after finishing. It was a great way to get to know the members and build our teamwork skills.

-December 9th’s Pinball Pete’s Social

For our last social event of the semester, UNICEF members will make their way to an iconic place in Ann Arbor, Pinball Petes! Pinball Petes is primarily known for its old school pinball games, but there’s just so much to do inside that it was a no-brainer that everyone will have a blast. We hope you can make it to this semester’s last social event!

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