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Who we are

As one of the 600 active Campus Initiative Clubs around the country, members of the UNICEF Student Chapter at the University of Michigan strive to educate, advocate and fundraise on behalf of UNICEF, in order to reach zero preventable deaths. 

our work

We donate to UNICEF Child Protection initiatives that prevent and respond to violence against children, such as exploitation, trafficking, child labor, and more. 

"UNICEF strives to create a world where every child grows up free from fear, exploitation, and harm." 

We support children's right to survive and thrive by educating our peers and community about the burdens that children face both nationally and globally. 

"UNICEF will continue to provide vulnerable children around the world with the support and services they need to reach their full potential."

We raise funds for UNICEF's Emergency and Disaster Relief efforts to protect the world's most vulnerable children and achieve global childhood well-being. 

"Every year, UNICEF responds to approximately 300 humanitarian situations, from conflicts to natural disasters."

Meet our executive board!  

Amanda Morello Jan23 - Amanda Morello.JPG

Mandy Morello


IMG_5843 - Nadeen Elkordy.jpeg

Nadeen Elkordy

Education Chair


Lilian shreiner

Service Chair

E552DC42-4E3A-4CC1-A7D8-7FBFAA986AE4 - Melissa Cox.jpeg

Melissa Cox


IMG_8817 - Ameer Khilfeh.jpeg


Fundraising Chair

Ana Maria Pislaru.jpeg

Ana Pislaru

Social Chair

selin baytan headshot - Selin Baytan.JPG





Advocacy Chair


Sebastian Oliva

External Communications Chair

ED722223-1D31-4359-AD65-19F769686F11 (1) - Ana Pislaru.jpeg

Ana Pislaru

Social Chair

288808_1151 - Praneet Voleti.jpg

Praneet voleti

Special Representative in Service: Science Olympiad

Committee Leads

headshot-close - Paighton Gimotty.jpeg

Paighton Gimotty

CSAM and Anti-Trafficking

Tezza-2256 - Adriana Torero (1).JPG

Adriana Torero

End of the Year GALA

9FABDCF6-C101-4A97-AC67-FD1E2F590FA5 - Marygrace Ortega.jpeg

Marygrace ortega

WASH Programming

Headshot - Tiffany Adam.heif


Refugee Rights

Dr. Fatma Müge Göçek


"Fatma Müge Göçek is a Professor of Sociology. Her research focuses on the comparative analysis of history, politics, and gender in the first and third worlds. She critically analyzes the impact of processes such as development, nationalism, religious movements, and collective violence on minorities. She is currently working on a theory book, constructing social theory from the vantage point of minorities."

Dr. Göçek has been UNICEF-UM's advisor since January of 2022.

Want to join our executive board?

We elect new board members each Spring so please check back for available positions.  You can check our social media pages and our biweekly emails for links, notifications, and opportunities to get involved.  If you have any questions, reach out via social media or email (   

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